You can see all the information relating to both submission rounds on our NLS9 Submission Guidelines.

A presentation is delivered like a lecture, with one or two speakers facing a seated audience. The content should be original and be based upon your own experiences in the library/information world. Presentations run for approximately 25 minutes (including 5 minutes for Q&A) and can be illustrated with slides, video, audio or other technology.

A workshop features one or more session leaders assisting a group to learn practical skills. Participants do hands-on activities as part of the learning process. Tables and chairs can be moved around flexibly to accommodate different kinds of activities and participant interaction. Workshops run for longer periods, up to 2 or 3 hours.

A panel brings together 3 or 4 speakers who have different perspectives on a single topic. Panellists might give some short introductory remarks before opening the floor for questions from the audience. Your submission should propose a topic and a facilitator, and suggest some potential panellists. Panels run for up to 55 minutes.

How submissions are assessed

We will assess submissions on these points:

  • Relevance to the NLS9 themes (Collaborate – Deviate – Innovate)
  • Originality
  • Clarity of ideas
  • Impact on the wider library community
  • Diversity of experience

We will give preference to submissions that will equip participants with ideas and skills that can be applied in their own practice.

Submission acknowledgement

Once you have provided a complete submission through the form, we will send you an email to confirm your submission.

Review of submissions

Members of the NLS9 committee will review the submissions, judging them against our assessment criteria. Your personal information will not be attached to the submission details during the review process, to avoid any bias.

After initial review, we may ask you to make small adjustments to the content of your submission, if we feel that they will help your session fit better with the themes and goals of NLS9.

The final decisions on acceptances and session formats are the responsibility of the NLS9 committee.


Once the review process has been completed, we will notify you by email whether your application has been successful or unsuccessful. We can also provide you with comments from the reviewers on request.

Symposium registration

When submitting your session idea, you must intend to register to attend NLS9. Accepted presenters will receive a discount registration fee, but we are unable to offer any other financial assistance to attend. If you don’t register, your session cannot go ahead.