The NLS9 theme is “Collaborate, Deviate, Innovate”. Our logo represents this as a Venn diagram indicating the nexus of librarianship involving these three core ideas.

For NLS9 we want to inspire, motivate and challenge students, new graduates and new librarians to get involved, work together and be creative. We want our presenters to share how they have achieved/are achieving their career goals and provide practical examples of collaboration, innovation and how they have deviated from the norm. We want attendees to get ideas and practical tools, meet people and go back to their workplaces ready to take action.

In the current technological climate, collaboration and innovation are inherent to ways of working and living. Generating ideas for innovating comes from thinking differently, deviating from traditional paths and challenging standard operating practices. NLS9 will look at how we can bring fresh ideas to our careers, develop adaptive skills, collaborate beyond the workplace and create networks to support our career development.

We want our attendees to leave the Symposium imbued with possibilities. We want there to be ideas for attendees at every stage of their journey to becoming a library professional.

Theme concepts for submissions

Check out our submissions page here and read below for more ideas relating to our theme.

It’s time to show that librarians know how to step out of the box – by learning, trying new things and hearing from professionals in the GLAM industry (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums). We want students, new graduates and seasoned professionals who can tell NLS9 attendees about the skills, challenges and deviations it takes to achieve groundbreaking awesomeness.

A year ago we asked library students and new graduates about what they wanted to see at the next NLS conference and the response was very clear: practical knowledge, fresh ideas, and passion for the profession. With this in mind we’ve decided to focus on hands-on workshops and targeted speaker sessions . . . and we need your help to do it.

We know the library and information profession is filled with passionate, talented, and skilled individuals at all stages of their careers so our 3 sub-themes are designed to get you thinking about what you can share with your colleagues:

COLLABORATE: Networking and Connections. Meaningful connections to make things happen. Keywords: Cooperate, Join-forces, Synergies, Knowledge sharing

DEVIATE: Disrupting the norm. Reflecting on what worked. Keywords: Outlier, Tenacity, Unconventionality, Breaking with tradition, Taking risks, Shake up

INNOVATE: Trends and Technology. Advocacy and Storytelling. Keywords: Changing/challenging processes, Creativity, Originality

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