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WORKSHOP: Lattes & learning: building lifelong networking skills with GLAMRmatch

Workshop description

This interactive workshop is based on GLAMRmatch, a facilitated networking program that answers the demand for networking opportunities which are neither casual socialising nor formal mentoring. Workshop participants will be guided through a networking experience that will provide them with the tools and confidence to network effectively, at all stages of their career. They will learn how to build their professional network to share information and resources, develop collaborative opportunities, foster supportive professional relationships and cultivate their careers.

Interactive activities during the workshop will include goal-setting, finding a GLAMRmatch among the workshop participants, networking with their GLAMRmatch over tea & coffee, and creating a take-home networking action plan.


L-R: Sienna Gilchrist, Sonja Prokop, Kristin Stephenson, Tamara Capper & Havva Teede

Sienna Gilchrest is currently the WA State Manager for ALIA and a Library Officer at City of South Perth Libraries. A recent Information Services graduate, she was previously a WA Regional Coordinator for ALIA’s Students and New Graduates Group. She is passionate about the power of networking and professional development and loves to help people make the most of the opportunities and resources available to them.

Sonja Prokop is completing the final year of the Master of Information Studies (CSU) and is a WA Regional Coordinator for ALIA’s Students & New Graduates Group. She currently works as Academic Administrator at Methodist Ladies’ College and has a background in database management, conference coordination, sales and vet science. Her passion is for connecting people with useful information and helping students and new grads explore the opportunities offered by their LIS qualifications beyond libraries.

Kristin Stephenson recently completed her Graduate Diploma in Information and Library Studies and is thrilled to now be working full-time as a librarian. She has worked at several public libraries in Perth and is also a WA Regional Coordinator for the ALIA Students and New Graduates Group. Kristin has been excited to be part of the GLAMRmatch initiative and looks forward to helping more people form connections within the GLAMR industry in the future. When she isn’t working or reading, Kristin enjoys crafting the time away.

Havva Teede is a recently qualified librarian currently working fulltime for City of Stirling libraries in Western Australia. In her role Havva enjoys engaging with the community and facilitating interesting and fun programs for people of all ages. Havva is passionate about helping people achieve their potential. In her spare time Havva volunteers as a WA Regional Coordinator for ALIA’s Students & New Graduates group and enjoys spending time with her family, preferably at the beach!

Tamara Capper (Co-author unable to attend workshop in person) has over a decade of experience working in academic, public and special libraries. She is currently the Liaison Librarian at Murdoch University. Tamara has been an active committee member of ALIAWest, a Regional Coordinator for the ALIA Students & New Graduates Group and is a committee member of the ALIA Academic and Research Librarians Group.

What’s your agenda? A guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse and other disruptive environments

Workshop description

This workshop is designed to help participants build skills and knowledge needed to succeed in disruptive work environments aka zombies taking over the library. It will include discussions and small games to get participants thinking about their core values, to build their intercommunication skills and encourage them to be flexible, resilient and adaptable.

The emphasis of the workshop will be on the final game which will be based on gamifying a generic staff meeting (office politics included) with a zombie twist! The final game will allow participants to use the skills and knowledge they have developed throughout the workshop, navigate office politics and to see things from their colleagues (and zombies) perspectives.
The game will incorporate ideas of competition and cooperation, and is a way to explore how we manage conflicting demands, priorities, and inclinations. There will be a common goal developed i.e. welcoming zombie patrons into the library without losing body parts. The majority of participants will work towards this goal through the meeting via their own agenda item. One of the main challenges they will face is working with colleagues who may or may not have sinister motives as each player will also have a secret motivation that will impact their decisions and how they interact with each other. Participants will attempt to sway their colleagues to their own agendas while staying true to their secret motivation and navigating the disruptive environment of a zombie apocalypse. Bribery and hilarity ensues.

At the end of the workshop, players will reflect on the challenges of working within a disruptive environment, and how they can navigate towards common goals while still being able to stick to their core values and personal motivations. Through the combination of collaborative and competitive game mechanics and zombies, the workshop will help participants identify and use intercommunication, time management and lots of strategies to survive not only a zombie apocalypse but office politics too!


Michael Hawks and Maddy Medlycott

Maddy Medlycott is a Research and Reference Librarian at Crown Law Library. Since beginning her library journey Maddy has also worked at QUT Library in a variety of roles and worked as a HR Coordinator at Madame Tussauds in London where she helped employees with professional development, training and creating a sense of fun. After travelling the world Maddy fell into working in Law Libraries and creating exciting PD events. She hasn’t looked back since.

Michael Hawks is currently a Liaison Librarian at QUT. He graduated with a Graduate Diploma in Librarianship, and has spent the last 5 years working in academic libraries. He holds an Honours degree in English and Communications, writing his thesis on the intersection of game design and Survivor. Michael is always looking for the opportunity to turn a variety of interests into work related tasks (though mostly to justify googling picture of dogs in hats).