Blogs, Vlogs and so Much More!

By Jade Koekoe

I don’t know about you, but there were so many amazing resources mentioned at NLS9 that I’m sure I didn’t catch them all! Not to mention the reflections people shared of their NLS9 experience online. It’s really a lot to take in.

That is why the NLS9 committee thought it would be a good idea to start putting some of them together. This is by no means an exhaustive list so please let us know whose work we missed and we will gladly add them.


Touring Adelaide GLAM style

By James Baker and Pixie Stardust

It’s amazing how much you can learn from visiting libraries and other GLAMR institutions, especially when given a tour by the staff of those institutions – from decisions about the layout of the space to how they organise workflow. For new librarians this is especially useful because it can sometimes be difficult to understand how the way your workplace deviates from the practices of others and if you don’t realise it does, you can’t begin to work out why.


Thinking Outside the Bag

By Ellen Coates

When it comes to delegate bags at conferences, it should be fairly straight forward. Have bags made with your logo on them, hopefully, get sponsorship so you don’t have to cover all the costs, make sure the bags have stuff in them for the delegates (pens, brochures, notepads etc) and away you go.

But what happens to most of these bags? I have been to two conferences in the last two years and both bags (with the remains of the goodies I couldn’t find an immediate use for but which might come in handy in the future) are currently rolled up on a shelf in the bottom of my desk. I’m sure others’ bags are in similar positions to mine. So for NLS9, we wanted to make sure that the delegate bags don’t suffer the same fate.


Conference Proposal Events

Around the country, the Students and New Graduates Group (SNGG) and ALIA State Groups have been running conference proposal sessions to give you some great tips and ideas about submitting a conference proposal. We have recorded these events and you can click on the images below to take you through to the event recordings. 

NLS9 Sponsors

Libraries are No Game until We Make Them One!

Gamification at NLS9

by Ben Manolas

Gamification seems to be the hot thing that is embedding itself into almost every area of our lives. You can now find tools to gamify learning, working, eating, sleeping, spending, saving, and any other number of things, but what is gamification and why should we gamify anything? By implementing gamification don’t we change the very nature of the activity and risk its legitimacy; and how the heck does this apply to libraries?


Creating a Sustainable Event

By Karla Fallon

While we are planning a conference to sustain the future of our sector, we also want an event that is sustainable for the environment for everyone’s future.

Though environmental sustainability is an increasing focus in industry and events, going the extra step to deviate from common methods and try out new practices can be challenging.  Will it cost more? Will it work? Will it just be ‘too hard’?


Turning that Big Idea into a Successful NLS9 Submission

By Emily Wilson and Jade Koekoe

The New Librarians’ Symposium is a time to show that librarians know how to step out of the box – by learning, trying new things and hearing from professionals in the Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM) industry. We want students, new graduates and seasoned professionals who can tell NLS9 attendees about the skills, challenges and deviations it takes to achieve groundbreaking awesomeness.


Listen to our Co-conveners on Turbitt & Duck

Click on us to listen to the podcast.


Recently Pixie and I spoke with the the NLS8 Co-conveners Sally @sallyturbitt and Amy @amywalduck from Turbitt & Duck @TurbittNDuck We were very grateful for the opportunity to talk with them about NLS9. These are two very talented women who inspired us to put in a bid for NLS9 in Adelaide. If you don’t follow then already then I highly recommend that you do and spend some time listening to their other fantastic podcasts.

We were both a bit nervous  but these two friendly faces made us feel very much at ease. It felt as though we were just catching up with old friends.


I first met these two at NLS8 (well actually we met on twitter before that). I recommend to anyone wanting to come to NLS9 that you spend time making connections on Twitter before the symposium. It is a great way to meet and talk libraries with people in a really easy and friendly space. It really helped me when I got to NLS8 and made me feel more comfortable socialising.

To get you started have a look at the @TurbittNDuck post here. They asked everyone to tag GLAM friends and colleagues and there are some incredible people here to follow and engage with.

We hope you enjoy the podcast.