ALIA is a true community of library and information professionals and supporters. We are made up of a range of members and staff who work with special interest groups to support and develop our sector.

ALIA South Australia is a newly-revived, cross-sectoral group for all information professionals in South Australia. It is a forum for members to discuss events, take part in professional development activities and network within the state and regional areas. We encourage anyone interested to let us know!

The ALIA Student and New Graduates Group provide a forum for new graduates to communicate and socialise with colleagues and build relationships and networks within the profession. The group aims to facilitate networking for the new generation of library professionals, provide a forum for the discussion of issues relevant to new professionals, organise meetings and training specifically relevant to students and new graduates and facilitate the introduction of new graduates into the wider ALIA community.  By doing so, the group aims to ensure the long-term future of the Association (relevance and member participation), and to support and assist with the mentoring program in each state.

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