The NLS9 team made the decision to split session submissions into two rounds. Round one has closed and we are excited by the presentations, panel sessions and workshops that will be filling the program. Round two submissions open on Monday February 11th and close Sunday March 10th. This is a short window, so we encourage you to get your thinking caps on now.

Round two submissions will be for lightning talks and debates. Information long with some great recordings of How to write a conference proposal have already been added to the website as well as a previous blog on Turning that big idea into a successful NLS9 session submission.

Round two has been designed to get a wider, more diverse program and the session formats are very different from Round one.  Therefore further information on the desired format of lightning talks and debates are discussed below:

A lightning talk is a short, fast-paced presentation which provides an opportunity to showcase your experiences or ideas in a “snappier” style. Lightning talks are not a “teaser” of a concept or project – but instead a way to showcase new ideas in an enticing way. Speakers must get right to the heart of the topic and present something solid within the 8 minute time limit. Is there something innovative about what you do? How do your collaborations have direct impact on your organisation or community? Have your deviations from the norm achieved remarkable results?

The goal of lightning talks is to grab the attention of the audience and articulate a topic in a succinct, insightful, and clear manner. The NLS9 Format will be:

  • Strictly one speaker only for a lightning talk.
  • Co-authors can be listed in the program, but will not receive a speaker’s registration discount
  • Strictly limited to 8 minutes.
  • There will be 3 lightning talks within a block. Questions will be taken from the audience addressed to any of the 3 speakers at the end of the session block.
  • The use of visual prompts or technologies is strongly encouraged.

Debates are a great way to get speakers and attendees engaged and involved with topical issues. The NLS9 debate format involves two speakers who critically explore a hot topic by presenting opposing views. It will allow for different perspectives to be heard. A moderator introduces the debaters and prompts them with questions, finally asking the audience to vote on which debater provided the most compelling view or argument.

The NLS9 Format will be:

  • The debate begins with the moderator stating a position (2 minutes)
  • Speaker 1 then presents arguments that affirm the proposition (7 minutes)
  • Speaker 2 then presents arguments against the proposition (7 minutes)
  • Speaker 1 answers a question from moderator /or rebuttal (3 minutes)
  • Speaker 2 answers a question from moderator / or rebuttal (3 minutes)
  • The moderator asks the audience to vote on which debater provided the most compelling view or argument (3 minutes)
  • Debates run for 25 minutes.
  • The use of visual prompts or technologies is strongly encouraged.
  • When submitting a debate proposal, be sure to include a statement of the proposition to be debated and descriptions of the major points likely to be argued by each side.
  • The debate team requires 3 people – speaker 1, speaker 2 and moderator.
  • Preferably the speakers would have different affiliations / be from different institutions for diversity.

As Part of the Submission Process

We ask that you provide the following:

  • A description of your session
  • The target audience for your session
  • What attendees will learn from your session
  • How your session relates to our themes (Collaborate – Deviate – Innovate)
  • What materials or support you will need for your session
  • Some background information about the presenters