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Keynote speakers

Craig Middleton

Centre of Democarcy

Craig Middleton is the Curator of the Centre of Democracy, a collaborative project led by the History Trust of South Australia in partnership with the State Library of South Australia. He is responsible for the permanent gallery, exhibitions, and public and online programs that engage visitors with South Australia’s history of democracy, including national and international links.

Keynote 2

Not yet announced.

Keynote 3

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Keynote 4

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Latest information and blogs from the NLS9 committee

NLS9 Theme Our proposed theme is “Collaborate, Deviate, Innovate”. This theme is presented through a Venn diagram indicating the nexus…

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NLS9 News

  • Creating a sustainable event

    By Karla Fallon

    While we are planning a conference to sustain the future of our sector, we also want an event that is sustainable for the environment for everyone’s future.

    Though environmental sustainability is an increasing focus in industry and events, going the extra step to deviate from common methods and try out new practices can be challenging.  Will it cost more? Will it work? Will it just be ‘too hard’?

    We want to take up that challenge.  With your collaboration and some shared innovation, we want NLS9 to be a more sustainable symposium that fosters a strong sense of community whilst minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

    Here are some of our ideas so far:

    • Centrally located event – allows participants to walk or catch public transport, which is great for the environment and our hip pockets
    • Not using disposable plates and cutlery at breaks
    • Encouraging participants to bring their own water bottles and reusable coffee cups
    • Only include materials that can be recycled or passed on to others in the event materials, and have a collection spot for things that people don’t want to take with them

    Great ideas come from collaboration so let us know what you have tried.

    What’s worked? What challenges have you faced? What would you love to try but haven’t been able to use yet?  What suggestions do you have for our event to be more environmentally sustainable?

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  • Welcome to the NLS9 Website

    Welcome to the website for the 9th New Librarians’ Symposium. NLS9 will be held in the lovely city of Adelaide. We are delighted that our city has been chosen to host the symposium in 2019. Pixie, James and our committee look forward to showing you what we are putting together.

    We know we have a tough act to follow after the fantastic NLS8 in Canberra 2017. For those of us who attended we were incredibly impressed with the content, how well the event was organised and the work they put in behind the scenes to make a smooth transition for our team. We thank Amy, Sally and the whole NLS8 committee for the work they put in.

    We aim to build on this good work and not only showcase what Adelaide has to offer but also hear what everyone else is up to around the country.

    There is a lot more content to come and we will be adding more and more as time goes on, so check back to see whats new. For now, follow us on Twitter and Instagram for all NLS9 news and updates.